Check out Jack's in the Stranger!

Check out Jack's in the Stranger!

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Jack’s BBQ is based on the BBQ style started in butcher shops in Central Texas in the late 1800’s. Beef and pork with a simple salt and pepper rub, smoked low and slow over hardwoods (post oak, mesquite, hickory), and served on butcher paper.  Sauce is optional (often not even served in Central Texas), along with pickles and white bread.


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Outdoor patio at Jack's now open!

Outdoor patio at Jack's now open!

The best you can do is spend the time here in Texas to learn the right way to smoke meat. Jack has done that, and Seattle is soon to be the brisket beneficiary.
— Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly Magazine

Located in the heart of SODO


3924 Airport Way S. Seattle

(Bus stop 124)

Hours: Mon 11-3, Tue-Thu 11-8, Fri-Sat 11-9, Sun 4-8 pm (closed Sunday July 3rd)

Happy Hour 3-6 weekdays


Jack Timmons grew up in Texas but has lived in Seattle for the last 2 decades. In 2012, he attended BBQ Summer Camp at the Meat Sciences department of Texas A&M, then toured many historic barbecue temples of Central Texas (Louie Mueller's, Snow's, Cooper's, Kreuz, Smitty's, Black's, Franklin's, Pecan Lodge and more). Returning to Seattle, he bought an offset smoker, imported some post oak, mesquite and hickory, and started the Seattle Brisket Experience. After a year+ of practicing the art of barbecue, and serving old-school, succulent smoked meats to thousands of Northwest BBQ fans at BBQ raves, Jack has opened a restaurant in the SoDo region of Seattle - Jack's BBQ.